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The Dr. Sarkar Allen Group, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Sarkar has marched on to become one of the leading companies of India in the healthcare segment and the undisputed leader in the East.

Way back in 1969, a Science graduate and Homeopath took a courageous step to venture into the healthcare business, that too with a borrowed capital of 10,000 Rs.

Today, after a long and astonishing journey through ups and downs in life, he is better known as Dr. G. P. Sarkar, the founder – Chairman of Allen group of Companies- a man who is an institution in himself. The self made first generation industrialist and recipient of many prestigious awards and accolades for his entrepreneurship and path breaking research which contributed immensely to the Healthcare Industry.

The Making of Dr. Sarkar Allen Group
What started as a small business back in 1969 has three decades later, grown into a pharmaceutical conglomerate-a virtual medicity-known as the Dr. Sarkar Allen Group.

This Group is a renowned business entity today, one that has spawned brands, which have become household names in India and beyond.

Dr. Sarkar Allen Group, incepted and pioneered into this acclaim by Dr. G.P. Sarkar, is into a diverse range of operations today, covering 3 different streams of medicine – Homoeopathy, Ayurveda and Alopathy. And because of Dr. Sarkar's deep-rooted commitment to his consumers, he has ensured that there is a company at every point of his supply chain.

Dr. Sarkar is indeed a multifaceted man, recipient of many prestigious awards and accolades. He is already well known for formulating and developing some legendary Pharma brands like Glycoseptol, Terex Group and Ayurvedic products like Carminozyme, Jvine of Jupiter Pharmaceuticals Limited including Livosin, which is now being manufactured and marketed by Allen Laboratories Limited.

Allen Laboratories Limited started manufacturing Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines in 1985. From then on there’s been no looking back.

Dr. Sarkar is one of the first to propound the concept that along with external application, internal medication is essential for removing the root causes of hair problems, and as a result ArnikaPlus-TRIOFER was formulated by him which is widely acclaimed all over.

High-grade ingredients, for homoeo drugs, are sourced from abroad by an importing company, which are used to create the purest of mother tinctures – often purchased by other companies as well. Different Group companies manufacture medicines from all three medical streams, in modern factories across the nation.

Being the flagship company of the group, it is engaged in the manufacture of full range of Homeopathic Medicines, viz., Mother Tinctures, Dilutions(Potentised Medicines), Triturations, Biochemic and Bio-Combinations including combinations in the form of Liquid, Tablet, Ointment, Cream and Powder. It is also engaged in the manufacture of Herbal Medicines (Ayurvedic – under Indian System of Medicine) in its own big GMP Certified factory.

Located at Allen Estate at Krishnapur, near Calcutta, the factory covers 75,000 sq. ft. of built up space is the largest ayurvedic, manufacturing facility in this part of the country. The Homoeo factories too, are large and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

Following GMP standards, the Group’s R & D is conducted in its own sophisticated labs. A Govt. approved testing institute established by it, tests all its products as well as those manufactured by other companies.

The Group has its own distributing house with branches all over India to ensure availability of all medicines at all times to different parts of the country-it even has an advertising agency and a sales promotion wing to develop packaging and marketing the brands respectively.

The Group has its own marketing company including a wide spread distribution network to ensure availability of all medicines at all times in different parts of the country.

Dr. Sarkar has stressed from inception the concept that quality medical care should be the group's mission. This strives for quality consciousness has taken this company a long way ahead. His vision and philosophy are best encapsulated in his corporate credo - Concern, Care, and Commitment.
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