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At Allen laboratories Ltd. we are very much particular about the selection of raw materials. The raw materials from all the sources are carefully sorted before they enter to Dr. Sarkar Allen Institute Pvt. Ltd. the testing laboratory of Allen Laboratories Ltd (Approved by both the Central and State Drug Authorities). 

Method of Testing Purity of The  Drug Substance

The herbs and their parts are collected at a time when they are rich in their active constituents.All the drug substances are painstakingly analyzed through multidisciplinary approach using high-grade technology implementation.

The part used in preparation of the Mother Tincture is strictly matched with the H.P.I.  Suppose when the part used is “root", not a single piece of stem, leaf or flower of the same plant is allowed in the sample. Macroscopical study of the drug substance ensures superior quality of the raw material, which is free from any contamination.

Microscopical study of the drug substance is done to ensure the confirmatory properties of the drug substance and its part used is present in the sample.

Testing the purity by means of UV- Spectrophotometer to confirm the quality of the raw materials as per H.P.I.standards.

T.L.C. (Thin layer chromatography) ultimately confirms the purity of the drug substance.

Specific Chemical Tests as per H.P.I. are done to find out whether the quality of the drug substance comply with H.P.I standards.

This whole process is done under expertised supervision of the Dr. Sarkar Allen Institute Pvt. Ltd.

(Formerly CDTI). Dr. Sarkar Allen Institute Pvt. Ltd. is an Institute for testing Homoeopathic crude drug substances and finished products, and is recognized by both the State and the Central Drug Authorities.

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