Baybesan (For bonny healthy babies)

Just like adults, infants and children too, need health tonics. Since their body’s physiological functions are not exactly the same as that of adults, their requirements are also different.
This demands the need for a specific health tonic especially formulated for babies. Baybesan is such a health tonic and much more.
Indication :
• Stomach and liver dysfunctions
• Indigestion
• Anorexia( loss of appetite)
• Weakness
• Malnutrition
• Worms in the G.I.tract.
• Dentition problems
• Delayed milestones- dentition, walking, speaking etc. 

Composition :
Andrographis pan Q, Chamomilla Q, Carica papaya Q, Gentiana lutea 6, Cinchona off. Q, Alfalfa Q, Sarsaparilla Q, Embelia ribes Q, Kali phos 3X, Calcarea Phos.3X, Natrum phos 3X, Mag phos 3X, Ferrum phos 3X,Syrup & caramel colour q.s. and Alcohol 10%v/v.

Dosage :
Children (below 5 years): 10-15 drops thrice daily with milk, fruit juice or water.
Children(above 5 years): 20- 30 drops thrice daily with milk, fruit juice or water. 

Presentation :
60 ml 


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