Bren Up (Brain Tonic)

In this age of cutthroat competition, even the children are not spared. Their childhood is being continuously robbed by heavy textbooks, pressuring syllabus and frequent examinations.
These heavy burdens on tender shoulders can result in different mental problems like examination phobia, depression, inferiority complex etc. As a result his performance keeps on subsiding.
Bren Up especially helps to tone and tune up the memory and intellect. It is a great stress reliever.
Indication :
• Forgetfulness
• Absent- mindedness
• Inability to fix mind on any one subject
• Examination phobia
• Lack of self confidence
• Weakening of all the senses
• Sleeplessness due to overwork, worry and anxiety.
• Vertigo. 

Composition :
Melilotus off. Q, Kali Phos 3X, Acid Phos 2X, Anacardium ori 6X, Avena sat Q, Alfalfa Q, Withania som Q, Damiana 6, Cinchona off. Q, Passiflora inc.Q, Sarsaparilla Q, Syrup & Caramel colour q.s. and Alcohol 12 % v/v.

Dosage :
20-30 drops two to three times daily with water. 

Presentation :
60 ml. 

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