Prickly Heat Powder

This summer Dr. Sarkar Allen group provides a cool feeling to the heat struck customers. Allen’s BoroAllen prickly heat powder is matchless in providing a cooling sensation in the scorching summer heat. This Homoeopathic Product enriched with ingredients that are of proven efficacy and its unique Homoeopathic formulation is far superior in controlling perspiration and in providing freshness all day long.
Indication :
• A Talcum powder for all seasons.
• Prevents excessive perspiration and body odour.
• Gives quick relief from itches and irritation of prickly heat.
• Useful in various summer skin infections and complaints like boils, pityriasys, pimples etc.
• Soothes the skin and induces day long feeling of freshness.
• Safe for even baby skin. 

Composition :
Acid Boracicum 1X, Zinc Oxydatum 1X, Acidum Salicylicum 1X, Azadirachta indica Q, Berberis aquifolium Q ,Calendula Q , Talc(purified) & Alcohol 1 %v/v.

Dosage :
Apply on the affected area in sufficient amount.
For external application only. 

Presentation :
200 Gms. 

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