Aldiaral Drop

Diarrhoea and dysentery can be a worrying factor in both acute and chronic forms. Aldiaral helps to control these problems in a safe and effective way in the earliest possible time.
Indication :
• Diarrhoea of different origin
• Dysentery –amoebic and Bacillary.
• colicky pain
• Tenesmus
• Pain before, during and after stool.
• Flatulence
• Dyspepsia 

Composition :
Holarrhena ant. 1X, Andrographis pan. 2X, Embelia ribes 2X, Blumea odo. 2X, Nux vom. 30, Atista radix 2X, Natrum phos. 6X, Kali phos. 6X, Mag phos. 6X, Calc. phos. 6X, Kali mur. 6X, Aegle mar. 2X, Arsenic alb. 6, Croton tig. 6X, Veratrum alb. 6, Carbo veg. 6, Cinchona off. 3X,Syrup & caramel colour q.s. and Alcohol 12 % v/v.

Dosage :
Adults: 20-30 drops
Children : 10-15 drops with water 2-3 times a day or as directed by the physician. 

Presentation :
30 ml. 


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