Trade Policy for Distributors

Ref: AIL/TP/12-13

TRADE POLICY- 2012-2013
From now onwards, bio-data of new/existing stockists should accompany with a recent passport size photograph of the owner with full details like firm’s name  and business per month, PAN NO.  etc. A separate bio-data format is also enclosed along with this policy which is required to be filled in and submitted to Head Office for our existing & new  Homoeo, new  Ayurvedic doctors/ parties this year.

Wide spreaded Micro-Interior Super Distribution is emphasized by appointing distribution in all major Town/District/Taluk/Market separately for re-distribution of Homoeopathic Medicines/Ayurvedic Medicines and OTC/Ad products ensuring full coverage of Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic Doctors, Retail Chemists and General Stores. Your active support and the effort of our field personnel will help the organization to maintain the leadership in the industry and to reach every nook and corner of the country.   

General Terms & Conditions :
  1. This trade policy will remain valid from April 2012 to March 2013. The Company also reserves the right to change the trade scheme with an announcement to all the concerned business associates.
  2. Patent group order below Rs.30,000/- will not be entertained for the existing stockists. However, in case of new party, relaxation may be allowed only on recommendation of ASM/RSM.
  3. Dealers are not at all allowed to have any cash and materials transactions with any field personnel of the company. Dealers doing so will do it at their own risk and the company shall not be liable for any such transactions.
  4. Breakage/ Shortage : Details of breakage and shortage should be sent to C & F/Company, giving full details of the purchase, duly endorsed by MSR/ASS/ASM/RSM. Dealer must collect breakage/shortage certificate from the transporter. If breakages are substantial and value of such goods exceeds 1% of the bill value, such claims for breakage/shortage must be made to the Company/C&F Agent with proper document within 40days from the date of booking of consignment and claim of dealers will be entertained, if the concerned bill is cleared.
  5. Expiry/Evaporation & Leakage : Although company has taken every possible care to maintain perfection in all respect of leakage, evaporation or such other complaints if occur in sealed bottles, be communicated to the company within 60 days from the date of receipt of the goods, which the company may reimburse on merit. Claim against expiry will be entertained provided they are submitted and received by Company/C & F Agent in writing at least 6 months before the expiry date. All claims should be submitted with full purchase details, duly certified by MSR/ASS/ASM.
  6. Stock Return & Monthly Sales & Stock Statement : If any stock is lying unsold for last three months with the newly appointed stockists , the same can be returned to C&F/ Company with prior information and purchase reference. The necessary approval and clarifications from Field Personnel is also very much required. . It is also mandatory for dealer to send Sales & Stock Statement to Head office by 7th for the previous month which will help Head Office to keep the track of dealer’s secondary sales and stock holding position. Those who fail to send Sales & Stock Statement on a monthly basis, company will not be responsible for any liquidation of stocks of such parties. It is also mandatory to inform office in writing the stock position as on 31/03/2012 positively, failing which last years bonus will not be paid/considered for calculation . No return will be accepted from the existing stockist.
  7. Any disputes like non-arrival of consignment at the destination, breakage, shortage and leakage should be informed to Head office/ C& FA immediately for taking further action from their end.
  8. Every two months interval, a confirmation of outstanding will be sent to parties from Head office for their verification and record purposes. However, if any variance is observed, it should be brought to the notice of our office within the next 15days of receipt of the outstanding report.
  9. Any disputes are to be settled under Kolkata Court’s jurisdiction only.
Trade Discount :

Group Category Discount
Homoeo AD & Ayur AD Hom. Ad Products 21.80 % of  MRP
  Ayur Ad Products 22.73 % of MRP
Homoeo Patent, Homoeo Generic & Homoeo OTC Products`

Speciality Drops & Patent Products

42.00% of MRP
  Mother Tinc & Dilution 55.00% of MRP
  Bio-Chemic & Combination Med 63.00% of MRP
Ayurvedic Patent and Proprietary Ethical Products

28.00% of MRP with (10+2 Free)  scheme.

Price Structure :

The Net Billing Rates have been worked out for each product based on present Case Packing of the product which, we are sure, will help all the customers to ascertain the ordered value and number of cases. The Price list w.e.f April 2012 is also being enclorsed along with this circular for your information and necessary action, subject to change at any point of time with prior information & notification.

Billing Credit Limit :
  1. Rs. 150/- (minimum) will be debited to party’s account if any cheque is returned un-paid from the Bank. The said amount will be added with your next invoice.
  2. 2% interest per month by way of Debit Note towards supply of AD products will be charged from 22nd day onwards up to 35 days. Such Debit note will be added with your next Invoice. Call Back letter will be issued to Transporter on 36th day , if payment is not received at our end and further supplies will be withheld.
  3. Maximum credit limit of each party has been finalized, considering purchase and payment behaviors during 2011-2012 and in consultation with ASM/RSM , it has been decided that one bill/order will be released immediately . Prior releasing 2nd order, previous 1st bill as well as old outstanding, if any, needs to be cleared positively , failing which 2nd order will remain unexecuted and simultaneously Call Back Letters will be issued to Transporter on 36th Day. It indicates that at no point of time, total outstanding should not exceed the credit limit as finalized by the Management.
Cash Discount/Lot Purchase and Terms of Payment :
  1. Transit time fixed for 15 days for outstation parties and 7 days for local parties.
  2. 2% Cash Discount will be allowed if payment is made within 15 days from the date of billing for outstation parties and 7 days for local parties on Homoeo Products.
  3. 1% Cash Discount will be allowed if payment is made within 21 days from the date of billing.
  4. 2% Cash Discount will be allowed on AD products on advance payment along with order, provided previous bill is/are cleared.
  5. Such scheme is not applicable if any BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE OFFER exists.
  6. Bill on free goods (Tax amount) to be borne by the stockist positively.
Yearly Bonus :
  1. For availing yearly bonus, party has to show an overall growth of 25 % over last year rupee value sales as well as item-wise sales equivalent to at least last year achievement.
  2. Bonus will be calculated excluding bills raised towards free item products.
  3. Bill raised on BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer will not come under the purview of Bonus calculation.
  4. Once the bonus is paid, goods for the said period will not be taken back at no point of time.
  5. If any product is withdrawn from the market or company fails to supply any product due to some unavoidable circumstances beyond company’s control, Company might consider such cases as a very special case at the time of bonus calculation.
  6. All stockists to provide their Xerox copy of PAN No positively to Head Office.
Bonus Agreement Form from April 2012 to March 2013 for COMBINATION MEDICINES ( Annexure- A), MOTHER TINCUTURE, DILUTION & BIO-CHEMIC TABLETS (Annexure–B), SPECIAL GROWTH INCENTIVE (Annexure-C), are enclosed separately. However, the target for dealer will be fixed after the mutual agreement between the Company & Dealer. Dealer has to avail all the schemes, declared by the company from time to time.
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